We like to think of ourselves as backbones to venues who need a polished, proven product! Let’s face it, not all venues have the resources to keep their nights running like a beautiful swiss watch. A strong-minded team with powerful platforms. We, mean, business.

Initial franchise fee

This is what gets you up and running! We provide an official video trailer for your city and country, official Lick uniforms for all members of staff, customized merchandise, customized internal decor and fully co-branded equipment for use throughout your contract period. All LED visuals are custom crafted for your venue, resized and reshaped to make it the perfect fit all round!

Graphics & animated graphics

Our team will take care of all your needs in terms of graphics, animations, visuals, TV spots, radio commercials, through to the merchandising and giveaways. Sit back, relax and simply confirm that you are still smiling!

Online advertisement & exposure

We have an International Multi Award marketing super machine driving the Lick train, and they go by the name of MOV Management! Armed with a plethora of experience, MOV’s highly skilled PPC Managers and Data Analysts work quietly and tirelessly in the background, tweaking your ads and making sure that your digital campaign is well-oiled, and tuned like a fine Rolls Royce!

Radio & visual production

Team Lick takes care of all radio needs, where our Copywriters hold a golden pen to script your radio spots and pass over to our production house for final polishing ready to be used on air, as well as through our digital platforms.

Vip presents & digital campaigns

We love rewarding our fans and customers – some say we even spoil them at times; what can we say? we’re givers, folks! From pizzas to ice-cream, custom shades to champagne covers, we feel this is a generous touch to enhance our customers experience, and for them to also have Official Lick merchandise, which is already being successfully sold on our Amazon store across the Globe.