Oh hey there... so you want to find out a little bit more about Lick R&B.

We are the Number One Entertainment Franchise in the Region, and pride ourselves as International Multi Award Winners!

We are a Global crowd-pleasing Franchise, committed to delivering out-of-this-world entertainment experiences; from our humble beginnings, to becoming a mega Brand and hosting events in international venues has been a bit of a wild ride, to say the least.

As one of the Country’s finest exports, Lick R&B has travelled far and wide, catering to awarded white-collar venues across the MENA region making sure that the standards are held high with consistency as our magic ingredient. Wherever we go, we deliver the same high-quality performance and high-calibre. which separates us from the rest.

Of course, we would be nothing without MOV Management; the hard-working marketing machine working in the background in silence with military precision, going above and beyond, for our beloved ice cream cone! We have compiled a roster of the finest talent in Europe and USA, where we have also hosted multiple Grammy Award Winners, along with the best entertainers in the industry to elevate the nightlife experience and leave our loyal customers with the memories they rightly deserve.

Lick had expanded it’s merchandise and fashion line, where the Lick Shop successfully sells via their Amazon shop, catering the US and Canadian, as well as our local European neighbors.

We continue to write chapters with golden writing, cementing ourselves as trailblazers for the entertainment world, where we keep our promises and continue season-on-season to learn, to listen, and to improve.

See you on the dancefloor!