From strength to strength, season to season, things have been pretty damn good on our side!
Expansions into new cities, new global roster – and hey, let’s not lie, we’ve had a heck load of fun doing it.

But the fancy lights don’t make us any more special than the other suckers. It is the solid following,
the humble staff, the freedom to let our clientele grow with the Brand; but more importantly it is the
hard work, the result of preparation, and
those little touches which make us, so damn special.

Stellar results, stellar statistics, consistent quality control – we keep it squeaky clean, we keep it super fresh and we deliver. As the saying goes…

“a Brand.. is simply, a promise kept…”

We’re crazy fussy about who we work with!

Our hand-selected residents are the cream of the crop; their experience and expertise in the field
makes them the best in the country.

Humble, rooted to the ground, hard workers and focused, who deliver without any excuses.. our kinda people!

Also part of our roster are quality award winning performers from all corners of the world.
From Grammy Award Winners, to superstar djs.

We’re crazy proud on the high-caliber roster which we’ve built, which we maintain and
push higher every season to give our clientele, only the best.


Call us snobs, but we only mess with the best! It has been an honor to call these Award Winning venues our home, and touching that faith and trust is given to our team and to our lil ol ice cream cone!

We continue to stand our ground as one of the most successful brands in our sector, but more importantly continue to
push the boundaries and raise the bar of the nightlife and entertainment industry, pretty damn high!

We’ve achieved the impossible.. and remained consistent at it.


The art of Dj-ing is one, which at times taken for granted by most. However at Lick, we pride ourselves on high quality, down-to-earth performers who deliver, without the drama.

Our hand-selected residents are the cream of the crop, their experience and expertise in the field make them the best in the country.

Also part of our extensive roster in the past, as well as future performances are guest entertainers from both the United States and the United Kingdom.